Shock and Strut Replacement

Hometown Motors installs Shocks and Struts on most makes and models as well as performing the alignment when completed.

In many cases, the shocks or struts that are installed require the installation of the springs, mounts, protective rubber or plastic boots and occasionally the steering bearings.  If this the case, for some applications, there are complete struts available called "Quick Struts" and are a better bargain that installing each part, piece by piece.  If this type of strut is available, you will be asked and quoted on such parts as they really are the better deal and come with a much better warranty.  Any time a person can replace an assembly of a certain part, it is much quicker to install and will cost more up front, but is still the better investment in the long run.  Let us know if we can help.  We would love to install new smooth riding, quiet suspension under your vehicle.

Hometown Motors also has a Hunter Laser Alignment Machine with updates to the current model year on most makes and models.  Our alignment machine and technicians will set your vehicles alignment specs to factory spec with in 1/100 of a degree.  Precision is our game and we are good at it.  Also, you will be getting a 5 wheel alignment on every visit.  What is 5 wheel Alignment you ask?  The steering wheel is the 5th wheel of course.  

If the wheel is crocked to the right or the left, this does not mean the the alignment underneath is wrong.  It does mean that the technician did not get the "True Center" perfect when performing the alignment.  At times, this  can happen if an alignment is being corrected with worn tires or loose suspension or steering parts.  The technician can be given a bad reading when performing the alignment due to loose or worn parts or tires that are not round or with "square" edges.   

Items checked normally before, during and after and alignment,if being done by a Hometown Motors include but are not limited to:

  • Air in the tires
  • Tread on the tires
  • Wear patterns on the tires
  • Toe adjustment
  • Camber Adjustment
  • Caster Adjustment
  • Steering Angle Inclination
  • Dog Track
  • True Center (Steering Wheel Calibration)

Please take the technicians advice when having your alignment done.  He simply wants you driving a safe vehicle and wants his work to have integrity.