Recommended Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance Images

Your Vehicle Manufactures Maintenance Schedule should always be followed.

Always follow your Vehicle Manufacturers Maintenance Schedule at minimum to help protect your investment. Below is a generic Maintenance Schedule that may be followed along with the factory schedule.

Following a maintenance schedule is the most cost effective way of keeping your vehicle in top running condition and will help prevent pre mature failures to take place in most cases.

Changing your oil is great way to protect the internal lubricated parts of your engine. On the newer vehicles we are driving today, there is so much more to consider when performing maintenance.  It is the preventative maintenance that our industry is performing that is making our vehicles go for 200,000 miles and beyond.

It is typically less costly to maintain the vehicle that you own, than purchase another vehicle.

Following the schedule below is a great way to help prevent and avoid the unexpected.

Every 3,000 Miles:

Lube Oil and Filter / Inspection                                                                                                                          Schedule and Appointment

Every 6,000 Miles:

Tire Rotation

Every 12,000 Miles:

Alignment Check / Air Filter / Tire Rotation & Balance / Chassis Lube / A/C Service / Cabin Air Filter Where Equipped

Every 24,000 Miles:

Transmission Fluid Exchange, Brake Inspection

Every 30,000 Miles:

Cooling System Service / Fuel Induction or Injection Cleaning

Diagnostic ImageEvery 50,000 Miles:

Axle Fluid Service / 4X4 Fluid Service / Brake Fluid Service / Steering Fluid Service / Battery Service / Drive Belts / Suspension Insp /Steering Insp / Transmission Filter / Clutch Fluid Service / Fuel Filter Where Equipped

Every 60,000 Miles:

Ignition System Maintenance / Thermostat / PCV Valve and Filter Where Equipped

Every 75,000 Miles:

Strut and/or Shock Replacement / Steering Maintenance / Brake Maintenance

Every 100,000 Miles:

Timing Belt / Transmission Fluid Filter

The above items may be recommended by your Vehicle’s Manufacturer, Product Manufacturer or an experienced ASE Master Technician. Some manufactured vehicle schedules may mirror this schedule. Some items specific to your vehicle may or may not apply or may be an exception or exaggeration of this schedule.
Other wear or disposable items may need to be serviced as the vehicle ages. If this schedule is followed, we believe that your vehicle will give you years of dependable service.