Original Equipment or Custom Exhaust

As you vehicle ages, the exhaust system will deteriorate for one reason or the other causing a need for parts or all of it to be replaced or maintained.

In the past, the most common failure used to be the muffler or the tail pipe. Well, as luck would have it with the changes in technology, these two items are still an issue, but there are much more items that can fail from time to time. Exhaust systems were much more simple in years past consisting of just pipes, flanges, gaskets, hangers, insulators, mufflers and resonators. Recently, we have seen other items like Catalytic converters, flex joints, oxygen sensors, temperature sensors, factory designer or stainless steel tips.  Some exhaust systems actually incorporate the converters into the engines exhaust manifolds making this a popular part to install as well. It seems that nothing is ever as easy is it used to be.

Installing these items can be very time consuming if a person does not have a way of getting the car in the air to work on a have the specialty tools required to do the work. Add damage, old age, rust and corrosion tot he mix and a 10 minute job turns into an all day job. It's not a simple as it used to be, but then what is?

At times, customers will come in looking for an alternative way of repairing their vehicles exhaust system. Why you ask? Cost of course. In some cases much of the system may be in order but only one part may need to be replaced or repaired. This is were we come in. Hometown Motors not only has a full line of custom parts in stock for most makes and models, but also a pipe bender and expander in order to make up many of the custom items that may be needed. Also, we can build a full set of DUAL EXHAUST for most vehicles to give you a wonderful aftermarket custom sound.

No matter what your exhaust system needs are, Hometown Motors can save you money and get it done right.