Extended Warranty and Service Contracts

Hometown Motors offers a variety of Aftermarket Extended Warranties or Service Contracts

If you are purchasing a vehicle from us that has a Certified Pre Owned Warranty, you need to know that this warranty only covers items that can be visually inspected.  At the time of the sale, you will be asked if you would be interested in purchasing an aftermarket warranty or a service contract.  These products are offered to protect you from the major repairs and unexpected failures that can occur on any vehicle new or used.

AUL Service Contracts

Our Premium Service Contract Company.  AUL is a Nationwide Service Contract company, meaning that your vehicle can be serviced at nearly any repair shop across the country.  This warranty can be purchased by the level of coverage desired and for as long of a term as desired making your purchasing decision affordable and giving you peace of mind at the same time.  Coverage range from simple Powertrain + coverage up to The Reserve Plan that is basically an extension of the original coverage offered by the manufacturer.  This is our most popular selling Service Contract.

WEC Vehicle Service Contract Protection

Another Service Contract Provider.  This company offers similar Service Contracts to our Premium company, with some differences.  This company offers a bit lower rate than our Premium Vendor, and the coverage are a bit different as well.  Ask for a copy of the coverage offered by this company and we will explain the coverage to you so that you can make an educated decision before you make your decision.  Like our premium company, WEC also offers different levels of coverage for your convenience.

Superior Protection, First Automotive by Southwest RE

And finally a third Contract Provider.  This provider is very affordable and typically sold with or included on the loans funded by Credit Acceptance Corp.  Again, a different pricing structure with different coverage, put in place to make sure you are covered in the case you have a major failure of engine, transmission, axle issues etc.  Just another option for those good folks looking to find the best deal on a Service Plan.