Dual Exhaust or Mufflers

Hometown Motors has been installing modified or Dual Exhaust on vehicles for over 30 years!

In many cases, a full set of true duals can be installed on many SUV's and trucks. This done by modifying the way the exhaust was originally routed away from the engine by splitting it into two runs of pipe as opposed to one run. This will decrease positive back pressure and likely improve gas mileage. However this is not typically the target results of this procedure. What the customer is looking for in most cases is the sound of a race engine or a lower toned rap or simply the sound of a muscle car from the late 60's or 50's.

In any case, back in the day, this was a pretty simple procedure to do. However with implementation of new laws, regulations and the threat of changing the emissions on a vehicle, there may be good reason to not change anything. Vehicles have morphed into high performance machines right out of the factory as of late, being built with many features that customers are requesting.  

Many times there is nothing anyone can do legally to improve or modify the structure of the exhaust that the vehicle was built with. Ask you service writer here at Hometown Motors if there is anything that can or would we be willing to do before falling in love with an option you may have seen on TV. You will be assured a straight answer and possible further professional advice.