5 Day Pre Owned Vehicle Return Policy

In the unlikely event that a customer is not completely satisfied with a vehicle that is purchased from Hometown Motors, it can be returned for another vehicle in exchange, or refund the full purchase price with no questions asked.*

Yes! It's true! Hometown Motors will trade your newly purchased vehicle back in or buy it back at the full purchase price.  It's that simple. 

Sometimes, customers buy the first vehicle they drive because they get excited or are in a hurry.  A vehicle purchase should never be taken lightly.  The new vehicle you are buying is going to be your new best friend.  It will be with you were ever you go, every time you go.  You want it to fit right, look right and overall be a part of what you stand for in the way of image.  So, if you buy a car from Hometown Motors in Owatonna, take your time, make the right choice and for goodness sake, if you do make the wrong choice, feel free to return it and get another vehicle or get your money back.*

Below are some factors to consider before making this optional choice.  

  • The vehicle must be returned with in 5 calendar days
  • The vehicle must have been sold with a Certified Pre Owned Warranty or Service Contract from Hometown Motors
  • The vehicle must be paid for in full at the time of the sale
  • The vehicle can only be exchanged for a different vehicle with the same advertised price or higher.
  • See cash option stipulations below for a cash back request.

Vehicle exchange policy or cash back stipulations:

The full purchase price of the vehicle shall be refunded to the original customer or credited toward the price of another vehicle from Hometown Motors, if the customer returns the vehicle in the same condition as it was, at the time of the sale, less the following items.

  • The sales tax, the transfer fees, document fees, bank loan fees, or any other fee or expense that was incurred when the vehicle was purchased will not be refunded or credited back to the customer.
  • Any cost(s) associated with reversing the title process shall be deducted from the amount returned or credited.
  • Any deficiencies such as detailing, mileage and vehicle use will be deducted from the amount returned or credited.
  • Any new mechanical or electrical deficiencies will be deducted from the amount returned or credited.
  • Any new body or paint damage, interior work or the such, will be deducted from the amount returned or credited.

* Statement valid only if all the stipulations and factors are all in place.